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Josh was born and raised in central Minnesota. He attended both Holdingford and Upsala High School. Josh studied criminal justice and law enforcement at Central Lakes College. His inspiration and love for art stems back to his mother. She opened Pine Art Studio in 1985, and Josh remembers many years of education.

After assisting, seeing, and producing various art mediums, Josh learned this wasn't the niche for him. At 9, Josh met Frank Hamelton of Fancy Colors Tattoo in Motley. Frank introduced Josh to tattooing and the Body Art Industry. He started tattooing at the age of 14. In the spring of 2007, Josh founded Skyline Tattoo Studio.

Josh's Outside Activities

Josh has raised two daughters and was recently married to his wonderful wife Laura. Josh learned that it takes more than just words to survive and excel in the family world and business world.


Josh has formed a mission statement over his 20 years of tattooing and that is, "The day I quit learning is the day I put down my tattoo machines."

Josh's Difference and Mission

We have designed our studio to give a feeling of hospitality, excellent customer service, GREAT BUSINESS, and quality artwork.


All of our artists have the same mission in mind and excel at making it happen.


"I welcome all of you, both new and repeat clients to our studio. This is a place where you can feel at home, relax and enjoy a positive experience in today's body art world."--Josh

Meet Josh Stumpf

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